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Online Video Advertising
The Online Publishers Association found more than a quarter of Internet users now watch video online weekly.

Ad Revenue Driven by Online
The total advertising media investment in the U.K. is set to reach £12.2 billion, or about $22.9 billion in U.S. dollars, this year, and to continue on to £12.7 billion in 2007.

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At Flashvertise we specialise in designing creative rich media ads and custom website design.

Whatever budget you have to work with, we harness the full potential of current technologies to produce the best solution for all your online and Rich Media advertising needs as well as offering a website design service that is second to none.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, we take great pride in designing top end Rich Media ads such as expandable banner ads, expandable skyscraper ads, video ads, overlay ads and other enhanced Flash ads.

Have a look at the Rich Media ad sizes we design

Have a look at the Flashvertise Rich Media demonstrationsHave a look the Flashvertise expandable banner, expandable skyscraper, expandable video banner, overlay rich media ads. expandable skyscraper rich media example expandable banner rich media example advertadvertadvert standard flash banner rich media example Enhanced Flash Rich Media advert overlay rich media example video overlay  rich media example expandable video banner rich media example expandable video skyscraper  rich media example
When we design Rich Media ads, we take into consideration the different formats and sizes that our clients online adverting campaign will require. Some of the Rich Media advert formats we design for online advertising campaigns are:

468 pixel x 60 pixel (Flash or gif banner advert), 468 pixel x 300 pixel (Rich Media Flash expandable banner advert), 160 pixel x 90 pixel (Flash or gif microbutton), 160 or 120 pixel x 600 pixel (Flash or gif skyscraper advert), 300 pixel x 600 pixel (Rich Media Flash expandable skyscraper advert) 728 pixel x 90 pixel (leaderboard advert), 336 pixel x 280 pixel (Rich Media Flash MPU advert) and many more.

All the Rich Media banner ads that are created by Flashvertise are designed with Flash technology to enhance the Rich Media Advertising experience. Web design and Internet advertising have come along way!

{Flash - derived from the rich media software ‘Macromedia Flash’}
{‘vertise - abbreviated version of ‘advertise’}

There are many services that Flashvertise offer. As well as Professional website solutions:

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